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Commander of the Order

Lesson learned: never let your ambition go naked.

I'm back!

Most of my major accomplishments have taken place on another site, RationalWiki, where I am/was a bureaucrat, sysop, and one of the site's uber-users. I chose to leave after I decided that my naked ambition was a poor fit for the site.

It feels strange coming back, really. I look upon my first stint here as very much the salad days of my internet life: I was innocent, naive, overeager, and often oblivious. My time at RationalWiki made me more mature, but also bitter and cynical (yet another reason for my leaving the site).

Also, RationalWiki is ostensibly a science-oriented site, but I don't know jack shit about science. I can, however, occasionally be witty—hence my coming here.

Someday, I hope to be funny.

Your inevitable death brought to you by:
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