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This user defines itself through the actions of others. The actions of others are mediocre at best, as are we. We are dedicated to bringing the light of stupidity to...erm...light, and shining the dim-but-real bulb of existence into the no-man's land called cyberspace.


People refuse to wey, even when the signs are telling them to...

Confident users of the word "Wey", Radio Wey is mainly a three-an team. Three people with a small girth of information between them. A minor history is as so: we were born not 15 hundred years ago, and have quested for the holy right to shout "Wey" loudly, and create funny, amazing and, can't finish that sentence.

This is a problem with User:RadioWey, that we often run out of words. There are no other things to say. We cannot be pushed that far. Our joint imaginiation is nix but none.

Wey is a noun/verb that is used in fluent language in some parts of south-east london, it has also been used in name place titles, which are definately more funny if the word 'wey' is defined. To define it however, would break the universe, and, more importantly, annoy the pesky admin (hi guys!).

Don't Blame us.

Blame the person next to you.

RadioWey People

Thomas Denham


The Wey Team, Executive Producer Thomas Denham. Poster Designed by Master Jenkins

Thomas Denham is an infamous demon from south-east London. He plays amatuer bass and his favourite string is the E string. His powers include the ability to fly through paper, and lose almost all respect and dignity in one simple paragraph. Thomas's contributions include the first page on "Minion" and the "Windows Vista Minion Edition" page. He contributed to the original creation of the term "Wey" and has given his unused time (which is a lot of time) to creating ingenious books such as the WinMin Users Guide. He has spoken directly to the Grand High Minion and has had lunch with Bill Gates (Head Nerd). Mr. Gates still will refuse to remeber that Thomas was there. Thomas has designed very bad programming codes and has produced the Wey Team, a TV show about weymakers who fight tyranny and justice. With bling and wey.

“What does this button do?”
~ Denham on NATO Nuclear Defence Outlets

Master Jenkins

Master Jenkins is a high level wizard from the hills of Carpathia, with the ability to kill men with a look from his eyes. Can take resentment to bastards (i.e Denham). Alternatively, he could also be a friend (but not for long once he reads this) of Thomas Denham, and fellow co-conspirator under the guise Radio Wey. I wouldn't be suprised if all the info in the paragraph above turned out to be bulls**t, but I'll leave that up to him.

“A bigger threat to the human race than nuclear war”
~ Jenkins on Denham's existance
“You really are a f**king c**t.”
~ Jenkins on Denham

Please enjoy our pages.

Fave Pages


“Radio Wey Rocks!!! (Thomas, did I say it right?)”
~ Anonymous Minion on Radio Wey
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