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The cover of Grand Theft Auto: Vatican City, in stores soon.

Caseareo Giovanni Luigi Valentino Elvinino is a priest on a mission. Set up by an Elder in the Church in New York, Father Caseareo has been framed for drinking all of the sacremental wine. Now, to clear his name Caseareo must follow a trail of bread that will lead to the real perpetrator and take him from the New World to Grand Theft Auto: Vatican City.

It's not just another great game! This time it's not in Londono, San Fransisko, Miammim, nor New Old New York! Take on the Vatican! Drive the Pope Mobile! Avoid drive-bys by rival Protestants and Mormons as they try to "Bible thump" yo' ass! This time, no one comes back; everyone goes to purgatory! No ambulances, just Pope Mobiles, Pope Mobiles and more Pope Mobiles! No uzis, just holy water and Pope Mobiles! Will he meet the Pope? Play and see! Round up the altar boys for good old fashioned violence in the name of God!

edit Characters


  • Caseareo Giovanni Luigi Valentino Elvinino
  • Guido Sarducchi
  • Monsignor "Via Con Dios" Martinez
  • Ted Crilly (cameos by Dougal MacQuire and Jack Hackett)

edit Critical Reviews

"5 out of 5!" - Me

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