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edit "Does this dress make me look fat?"

Some responses:

"No, it's that other dress that makes you look fat."

"Hey! That dress actually makes you look thin! Buy that!"

"Ha! If you think it makes you look fat, you should see what it does to me."

"Huh? Why do you want a dress that makes you look fat?"

"Yes, but it's a good fat."

"No, have you tried stuffing pillows in your dress?"

"No, no, no, turn around. There. Now you look fat."

"Is is supposed to?"

"Why? You getting in shape for that fat farm?"

"No, but your hair does."

"Oh, it's you! I thought Santa had come early this year."

"That dress only makes certain parts of you look fat."

"Does this suit make me look bald?"

"Define fat..."

"Will we still make out if I give you an honest answer?"

"Aah! I've suddenly gone blind! Sorry, I can't help you this time."

"No, that ugly dress doesn't make you look fat."

"Maybe a little plump. Is that close enough?"

"Sorry, it just makes you look stupid. Try another one."

"I don't know. Come out from behind that fat woman and I'll tell you."

"Not fat, but the massive amounts of fur make you look like a very angry bear."

"If you don't know, I'M certainly not going to tell you."

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