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edit Stautory Quotes

'You are not Rick James Bitch' (Dave Chappelle) 
'mhhhm thats right, left a bit' (the Dhali LLama)
'I wish I didnt have to keep copying you, but you are my better' (Oscar Wilde)
'Stop pissing around with Oscar, and help me with this novel' (Virginia Wolfe)

edit Bio

I am un unrivaled intellectual, poet and musician. If you disagree with me I will verbally destroy you, your domain, your dog, and your donkey herpes ridden mother; whilst physically searching my secret alkali-eida-iraqi addressbook (the zelot pages) for people who will gladly forward all of your personal details to cold calling companies

I have inflicted many wonderful Uncle-Psycho-Peado creations upon the world, they can be acessed quite quickly through my signature, which I add to the bottom of all my pages.

My Signature:

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edit Bibliography

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