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Don't Believe me? See for yourself:
Don't Believe me? See for yourself:
=It's a Trap=
Warning, RPG-er is really a guy. He is not a female named Kira, I repeat, NOT a female.
[[Image:RPG-erTRAP.jpg|left|thumb|148px|RPG-er as trap followed by a creepy old man.]]

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RPG-er is a loser and is the biggest attention whore ever. He lives by the quote, "I have a life, and it's getting in the way of my gaming." He has GB on GB of hentai saved on his computer. (please notice: hentai is not anime porn. It's a guy named Tai, with a hen on his head, hentai) That's right, RPG-er watching a guy with a bird on his head. RPG mostly means fantasy. Well RPG-er's fantasy is girl on girl on girl on guy on goat. RPG-er also has a myspace, for 2 reasons: pedo and emo. RPG-er trys real hard to be an emo kid, but he is rejected by his fellow emo childs. So in other words, he's a failure at being a failure. RPG-er is also a pedo. Unlike being an emo kid, this is something he is good at. Maybe he should get off his lazy ass, quit gamespot, and find a life.

847027137 l

This is Emo RPG-er. As seen on:

edit Roll Call

The infamous thread on OT. Filled with spammers, n00bs, and bandodgers. Some call it a spamfest, some call it a orgy. But what it really is, is a trap. Go there and you get cockier and cockier, and the next second you're banned.

edit Myspace

Don't Believe me? See for yourself:

edit It's a Trap

Warning, RPG-er is really a guy. He is not a female named Kira, I repeat, NOT a female.


RPG-er as trap followed by a creepy old man.

edit Lazyness

Why is it that RPG-er never finishes what he


“I don't wantna stand up, I have an erection.”
~ Chandler on Lazy

“The early bird gets the worm, but the late worm lives.”
~ Wise Man on Wisdom

edit Fav Quotes

“Rape is how japanese people say hello.”
~ Andy aka Random /b/-tard on Japan
“Illegal is just a nickname for super cool fun.”
~ Erin and Brian on Illegal

edit Imposers

What's so great about RPG-er that you would steal his identity? It's like copying a piece of crap.

Here's a list of idiots dumb enough to do so:

~ Newgrounds' RPG-er

~ Warcraft's RPG-er

~ Schrijver Gezocht's RPG-er

Wonder if you found a fake RPG-er? You message the real RPG-er on gamespot:

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edit Hentai

RPG-er's hentai is not anime porn. But more of a guy and a bird.


edit Adam's Ownage

Well this is how I got suspened, I said I was 12. (Must be at least 13 to make a GS account) Who the fuck doesn't know it's a joke? Then I login on to my other account, to try to straight things out, and I got banned for bandodging. WTF, how the hell did I get bandodging when I'm not suppose to be suspended in the first place?

Here's the thread so you can laugh at the ownage:

GS's Blog:

K, I'm done with my bitching. I'm going to the corner to cry like a little emo.

Made by my fans:

edit Sig Gallery












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