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Timothy Leary's Psychedelic Bed And Breakfast is a chain of lodging establishments operating throughout the United States, with a few locations in the United Kingdom. Psychedelic B&B was founded in 1968 by famed psychologist Timothy Leary, who owned and operated several of the chain's individual establishments, including the inaugural Los Angeles, California location, until his transcendence to The Other Realm in 1996.

edit History

In 1968, fresh off his twenty-fourth prison sentence, counter-culture icon Timothy Leary was once again seeking a way to further popularize and proliferate the use and advantages of consciousness-expanding drugs and behavior. Tiring of psychological research, public speeches, and long-winded written publications, Leary came to the conclusion that he should find a way to more directly appeal to his audience of potentially revolutionary minds, bringing the entire psychedelic experience, legally, right to their bedrooms. Unfortunately, he soon came to find that breaking into strangers' apartments after dark and adorning their bedrooms with strobe lighting and magic eye paintings, while not a direct drug law violation, was indeed a violation of several other serious laws that had not been hitherto encountered during his previous journeys through the canyons of his mind. Sensing the need for a re-formulation of his plan, Dr. Leary spent the majority of his subsequent twenty-fifth prison sentence plotting out a more concise way to bring his budding idea to groovy fruition.

Following his daring escape from prison by way of ingesting fourteen acid tabs and compressing his body into a sheet-like form, thin enough to slip through the brick walls surrounding the recreation area, Leary was at it once again, and this time was convinced that his plan would go according to formulation. Subsequently, his formulations went relatively according to plan, and he would proceed to draw up the preliminary blueprints for what was to become the Psychedelic B&B whilst sitting atop a magic carpet suspended in mid-air.

Upon the plans' eventual completion, 48 year-old Timothy Leary, thoroughly satisfied with himself, went on to celebrate, dressed only in a loincloth, by means of an elaborate and curiously well-choreographed Bavarian folk dance, before brutally disemboweling and eating a sitar.

edit Images

BB Painting

Although it isn't uncommon at the PB&B to find receptionists wearing chicken hats and children's swings hanging off of ceiling fans, this is merely an oil painting that briefly hung in the hall of the now-discontinued Tokyo, Japan location.


The Order Of The Dancing Jewish Ghost Blender is a mainstay at Psychedelic B&B on much of the east coast, much as men in large fuzzy hats are a mainstay at steakhouses and lavishly appointed lodges.

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