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Gary Coleman

Despite his darker skin tone and lack of facial hair, Gary Coleman has proven himself a worthy Burt-lookalike. is a highly popular website where people can upload and view pictures and rate them according to whether or not they are Burt Reynolds. Pictures are rated from 1 ("Not Reynolds") to 10 ("Bona fide Burt"); all scores are averaged to obtain an overall score.

After a specified interval, the true identity of the individual in each picture is revealed and voting is stopped.

The creator(s) of the website are unknown, though many believe Mr. Reynolds himself started it because he was jealous of the popularity of Tom Selleck's moustache.

edit Top Scores on

Pictures of the following people have been rated the most Burt-like:

  1. 9.2 - Gary Coleman
  2. 9.2 - Burt Reynolds
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