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Writing Tips

In case HTBFANJS isn't enough for you.

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“Uncyclopedia gets about 300 new articles a day. Out of those 300, about 290 of them die before they turn 1 day old.”

If you're reading this essay, chances are you know who I am, or you've just finished reading "How To Be Funny And Not Just Stupid" or "How To Get Started Editing". These articles, however, are only designed to teach you the basics of humor. In this essay, I'll show you some advanced writing techniques that will make you famous on Uncyclopedia (or a famously bad writer).

edit Welcome

I begin this essay with a welcome message to new and unregistered users. But even once you've been autoconfirmed, this can still be really valuable advice.

Your first article on Uncyclopedia will never be your finest. Chances are, your second or even third article will be better than the first. The first article I wrote was an article about an indispensible mathematical object. The text of the article is available at User:Qzekrom/Pi.

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