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Communist Olympic Rings
Communist Olympic Rings

Cute Zekrom's Blog

May 28, 2012

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edit Blog post: May 28, 2012

Flag Coffin

If you can read this, please rise and salute these people. I implore you, because I was one of them.

Happy Memorial Day to all.

I've been browsing Uncyclopedia recently and I've noticed that the coverage of technology here is... unfortunately, mediocre. Just recently, Uncyclopedia's article on itself was nominated for deletion. Personally, I voted against huffing it.

But I digress. I'd like to highlight a few articles I stumbled upon that I'm not a big fan of.

  1. Nanotechnology - This reads a lot like a Wikipedia article, except that it's not all true. It just doesn't agree with me.
  2. Steve Jobs - The UnNews coverage of Jobs' life is a lot more comprehensive than this piece o' shit here, which feels to me like a mess of sex jokes and dishonor for the dead. (Once again, please salute this great man, who gave his life for a great cause.) It appears to be a content fork for Apple Inc. (below).
  3. Apple Inc. - Once again, iDon't like this article much because it's weird and could be a content fork for Steve Jobs (above).

Anyway, if you can read this, please help by improving these articles, and Heil Uncyclopedia! --Qzekrom sig trans Sir CutePalkiaOnTheRadio [CUNPBJ'12PLS(0)] 03:10, May 29, 2012 (UTC)

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