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edit Parties to this contract

"Uncyclopedia" means the association of all contributors to this website, which is hereby established.

"Wikia" means Wikia, Inc. (duh!).

edit Domain name

The domain name (the "Domain") of this website shall be and is the property of Uncyclopedia. Wikia shall have no right, title, or interest in the Domain except as provided below.

Wikia shall not redirect the Domain to any other domain name, but may park the Domain on a domain name that is owned by Wikia.

Uncyclopedia may fork but not disestablish this website.

edit Advertising

Wikia shall not place advertisements not approved by Uncyclopedia on any part of this website, nor shall it be worried about losing money because Uncyclopedia shall find some other way to make money.

edit Ratification

This contract shall be ratified as follows:

The signature of a representative of Wikia constitutes its acceptance of the contract.
The signatures of four sysops and a vote score of ten constitutes Uncyclopedia's acceptance of the contract.

For the purposes of this contract, four tildes shall constitute a signature.

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