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So I thought that there should be a separate process for picking images on Uncyclopedia to be deleted. This is a similar process to regular VFD, except it is designed to be faster and more sophisticated. So what happens is:

  1. An Uncyclopedian finds a crappy or unused photo, sound clip, or video and lists it here. See this for tips on finding crap.
  2. The community votes whether the file should be huffed, in the same manner as VFD.
  3. After the file is voted with between 1 and 4 votes, users have about one week to reclaim it and use it in an article.
  4. An administrator decides either to:
    1. keep the file;
    2. delete the file; or
    3. replace the file with a better alternative (by reuploading)
and archive the discussion.

edit How to find VFPDable files

(using special pages and categories)

  1. Check Special:NewFiles. As with articles, a lot of the new stuff will be crap.
  2. Check Special:UnusedFiles. Unused files should either be claimed or huffed.
  3. Check Category:Blatant copyright violations. Images that are copyright violations are prime targets of the FBI and should be replaced with a free alternative immediately.
  4. Shock porn images should be deleted on sight.

edit More advanced techniques

  1. Look for JPEGs with really low resolutions or large amounts of JPEG artifacts. These are usually crap and should be replaced with higher quality images. See Help:JPEG on Wikimedia Commons for more information.
  2. Look for simple geometry images stored in a raster image format (JPEG, GIF, PNG). These are better stored in the SVG format. See Help:SVG on Wikimedia Commons for more information.
  3. We don't like corrupted files.

edit When in doubt

Check in with the rest of the community. Don't hesitate to list it here. Even if the other Uncyclopedians disagree with you, there's no harm in putting an image up for VFPD. Just make sure that the number of current votes for deletion does not exceed 35. (This is intentionally higher than the limit for VFD because we have much higher standards for images.) Doing so is grounds for a block.

edit Where to find help

edit Current votes for picture deletion (Phase I)

This phase is for images, audio and video files that are currently being voted for deletion. Do not remove any entries from VFPD unless you are an administrator, and do not remove any votes (except your own or any hate/libel). Please sign your votes, no exceptions.

edit Current votes for picture deletion (Phase II)

This phase is for images, audio and video files that have been voted for deletion but have been given a chance to redeem themselves, as per the policy listed above. Sign your name to claim a file for use on an article or revamp it into a better or free version.

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