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9 March 2012

Fermilab has just confirmed the Higgs boson again. It is exciting as it is only the 563rd time the Higgs boson has been confirmed. No one was expecting such a landmark reconfirmation in such a short time frame.

Some scientists and readers of popular science books disagree that the Higgs boson has been discovered. Some recent investigation by an UnNews secret agent, code-named 00644, has led to the doubt of the confirmation of the Higgs boson. "Perhaps it was a hoax," said the guy with lots of time on his hands. "It could have been a hoax all along by none other than the Secret Society for the Falsification of Scientific Theory Confirmation Group (or SSFTFOSTCG for short).

Vladimir Putin has denied participation in this possible hoax, stating that he planned on arresting all members of the SSFTFOSTCG. "In Soviet Russia," he adds, "Higgs Boson discovers YOU!!"

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