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Kim Jong Un's House of Party and All Night Buffet 김정일 유엔의 당사국의 집 및 모든 야간 뷔페
DNPRK BestKorea
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: "We are the greatest nation ever. Imagine the shit that the people of other countries have to go through."
Anthem: "Kung Fu Fighting"
KJU Nightclub
Capital Club Pyongyang
Largest city Club Un
Official language(s) Korean
Government Retaurantemocracy
‑ The Propriotor Kim Jong Un
 of Independence
December 30, 2011
Currency Various Foodstuffs
Religion KJUHPANB-ism
Population 24,051,218 on weekdays, appx. 30,000,000 on weekends
Major exports Dance, Parties, and Fun
Major imports Cocktail wieners, crackers, and buffet food
For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Un's House of Party and All Night Buffet (KJUHPANB), formed 30 December 2011, is an autocratic buffet and night club created from North Korea by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un after the death of his father, Kim Jong Il. Often confused with North Korea, KJUHPANB is a completely new establishment formed from the vision and goals of founder Kim Jong Un. After the death of former leader Kim Jong Il, the people of North Korea were looking for an alternative to the repressive totalitarian regime. They found it in Kim Jong Un's House of Party and All Night Buffet.

edit Organization

Kim Jong Un's House of Party and All Night Buffet utilizes a completely new system of government known as a restaurantemocracy. The restaurant night club is governed by a panel of ten leaders, known as the Board of Directors. Kim Jong Un, as the proprietor, reserves the right to place the leaders of the Board of Directors up for impeachment based on complaints submitted to him by patrons/citizens about the buffet food or club music. The proprietor may not place a Director up for impeachment without sufficient complaints; however, he may keep a Director from going up for impeachment if he wishes. Discrepancies with other areas of the regime need to be written on grade A Egyptian papyrus, dipped in gravy and submitted to a mysterious entity called “Upper Management.” Through investigative dining and clubbing, sources have found that Upper Management is just a large furnace that the documents are thrown into; the reasoning being that if the discrepancies are worth looking at, they will survive the furnace. Any documents that make it through Upper Management are submitted to the proprietor, who will remove the gravy and read the proposal.

edit Operation

After the dissolution of North Korea, Kim Jong Un’s House of Party and All Night Buffet dissolved the military into a large force of bouncers, bartenders, and buffet cooks to deal with the large amount of patrons. Each citizen is required to serve a period of five years in the Bouncers, Bartenders, and Buffet Cooks of Kim Jong Un’s House of Party and All Night Buffet (BBBCKJUHPANB). KJUHPANB worked out a deal with the United States of America to disarm its nuclear weapons in exchange for a lifetime supply of cocktail wieners, crackers, and buffet food, safely eliminating a nuclear threat and at the same time, ending starvation that was almost country wide under the old regime.

edit Culture and Art

The formation of KJUHPANB and its new system of government has given birth to new art forms such as napkin art. Artists will take napkins and draw pictures with personal meaning using the food residue on their faces and hands. Notable works of art include Song Sun Bin’s “Evening Ketchup Leftover on Chin” and Chi Fun Ping’s “Chicken Grease on Fingers in the Morning.”

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