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Junior Administrators are members of a user group who have certain limited admin privileges, but aren't full administrators. A Junior Admin is expected to uphold and enforce Uncyclopedia "policy", while being friendly to inexperienced users.

The concept of a Junior Administrator is borrowed from Bulbapedia's user hierarchy. See Bulbapedia's page on Junior Administrators.

edit Prerequisites

In order to become a Junior Administrator, a user must:

  1. Be an autoconfirmed or confirmed user.
  2. Not be currently blocked.
  3. Be currently a Commander of the Order of Uncyclopedia or higher.

Administrators opped before the introduction of the Junior Admin rank will be exempt from these requirements. However, deopped admins must meet these criteria to retain status as Junior Admins.

edit Privileges and user rights

  • BrowseArchive: Junior Administrators can read and edit pages that have been deleted.
  • EditProtected: Junior Administrators can edit protected pages.
  • UnwatchedPages: Junior Administrators can view a list of pages not on anyone's watchlist.
  • Poopsmith: Junior Administrators can archive closed VFD and QuickVFD nominations.

edit Other privileges

  • Rollback: Junior Administrators can revert all edits of a user to a certain page, up to the last edit by a different user. This should only be used for severe disruptive editing.
  • MoveFile: Rename a media file by moving it.
  • SuppressRedirect: Junior Administrators can rename an article over redirect.
  • IPBlockExempt: Junior Administrators can edit from a blocked IP address or IP range (whereas a logged-in user would be subject to an IP block).

edit Why Junior?

Frankly, you should assume that the administrators are too busy to answer everyone's questions about trivial stuff. Junior Admins would be the go-to person for minor stuff, such as:

  • "Why was my page deleted?" Since Junior Admins can see the page, they will be able to give you feedback on why your page wasn't satisfactory, and tell you what you can do better next time.
  • "Would Codeine's mum have heard of this?" Finding vanity articles is relatively easy and repetitive, and the admins would probably appreciate other users doing their slave work part.
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