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Welcome to my HowTo guide!

So, you wanna striptease, huh? You do? OK, well, follow these steps.

1. Get hired by [insert name of '18+ only' company here].

Easy enough if you bribe them with a bit of prostitution.

Make sure that the 18+ company will, in fact, pay you.

2. Get up on stage. Make sure you don't trip.

3. Strip. Don't just throw your clothes into a pile, dance and take off a piece of clothing, glide around, remove clothing, repeat until all clothes are off.

3.1. The Dance Any kind will do, just make sure that you cover your boobs and pussy with your hands for a while before revealing them.

3.2. The Clothes PUT ON SEXY UNDERWEAR!!! [Make sure you remember the rest of your clothes as well].

Congratulations! You just stripped!

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