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Rumor has it that I used to be User:Quint.

edit Highly educational items that should be sent to all living humans

When not otherwise indicated, the item is the article of that name from Wikipedia.

  1. Vlad the Impaler
  2. Wolverine
  3. Airport
  4. text: Bible
  5. other: all of the Great Milk Spam
  6. Dallas Fort Worth International Airport
  7. text: list of alcoholic beverages
  8. text: Beowulf
  9. other: Semaphore Bible
  10. text: Dracula (novel)
  11. Bayesian Spam Filtering
  12. text: Spam (Monty Python skit)
  13. text: Waiting for Godot
  14. Belgium
  15. Beer
  16. Spam
  17. Email filtering
  18. United States Navy Fighter Weapons School
  19. text: Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth
  20. text: computer wargame chat rendition of World War II
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