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Quantum of Solace is an new and exciting television and comic series by BLUE PHOENIX PRODUCTIONS(READ:Shameless self promotional whoring)in assoication with BBC 1(nah not really).QUANTUM is an alternate universe/next generation series based on the BBC television series "DOCTOR WHO".This article will explain the story,characters,aliens,background.and technolgy(READ:old crap that looks like it was made in the early 1950's but made to sound like it was made centuries from now).

edit THE STORY(crap so you know what the f**k is going on)

Quantum is set in 2010 london when aliens are coming into first contact with humanity(or at least i assume thats when it's supposeed to happen I'M STILL WAITIN'DAMMIT!).The first character we meet is lovely Rose Tyler who will be played by(all i know is that their 2 english 12 year old identical twins who in the hell even knows their names!).Rose is a 12 year old phyics genius and british private school student who belives that the known universe as a whole is far greater and more fantastic than it is belived to be.However for poor Rose most of her teachers and all of her classmates either scold or make fun of her beiivefs(READ:these retards are oblivious to that fact that there are aliens even though 2 of them just walked by her classroom window).Poor Rose beliving that she is truly alone in this world(like we have'nt heard that before on every teen and preteen tv show for oh i dont know EVER!)when suddenly a massive creature leaps right in front of her.Shes frozen in sight of the thing which appears to be a deformed mass of several creatures twisted into one.Including one large dog who seemed to have it's bones and rib cage twisted into the quivering bloody nearly touches her with writhing (ewwww writhing) tentacles from can be assumed to be the head(it's either that or a 3rd olsen twin that no ones ever heard of).then in less than a second the being is violently ripped apart into the torn masses of the indivisual creatures that it conisted of(including a half eaten cup o,noodles soup and exactily 42 cents(US equivalent)in pocket change)and then disintergrated all in a single brillant flash.and as Rose turned around to see where the light had come from and suddenly there stood before her a small boy,Only 1 foot shorter than her,he stood wearing a deep blue long coat adorned in a elaborate bright gold trim that around him as if it were a cape.And his eyes werw a deep glowing blue.As they stared at each other the boy sharply asked "what's your name?!"."R...Rose Tyler"she answered meekly and still in shock from her near attack."Well Rose Tyler very nice to meet you" the boy replyed.Suddenly several large tentacles seemed to rip from out of the concrete itself and around the buildings.The boy grabbed Roses hand and said only one word "RUN".And in what seemed like less than a second they had managed to flee the creature(s)that were coming for them.Rose had suddenly realized that they were no longer outside but now in a large round brightly glowing room with what seemed to be a glowing woman surrounded in a bright beam of pure light(either that or she was just high).the boy began to explain that his name was only "the doctor".To which Rose replyed"well in that case could you look at this rash on my..." "actually i'm not that kind of doctor"he instantly answered hoping that she would'nt continue.But she did anyway "but it's only a small rash right here" and before she could start to raise her right leg he had managed to stop her in mid-self examination to continue his story.He ahd explained to Rose that he was a time traveler and adventurer who roamed through space and time in the machine that they were in called the TARDIS and..(ALL RIGHT ALL RIGHT WE KNOW ALL THIS ALL READY JUST GET ON WITH THE REST OF THE DAMM ARTICLE ALL READY GEEEZZZ!) Well all right let start with the characters..just was trying to let you know the whole backstory soooooorry.

edit Characters(Doctors 1 to 1,000,000)

As was previously stated this is an Alternate Universe/next generation series.And conisidered by most gundam fans to be the best of the series(once we start making it).So unlike in the original DOCTOR WHO series while the doctor simply went on from one regenerated form after another.DOCTOR is simply an honored title passed on from father to son,uncle to nehpew.friend to to cat.or to simply any one or thing that happened to be lying around at the time.A potted plant has probaly been the doctor at one time.Template:CONSTRUCTION

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