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My username is QuantumDriver! It is a name I spent a lot of time thinking very hard about.

I am a user of uncyclopedia. Uncyclopedia is not a cyclops, as the name indicates. It also is not a place that cyclops live. It is more of a place for non-cyclops to live. I am a non-cyclops, so I can live there.

I like articles. I like articles that deal with stuff I know about. I know about the place I live in, which is Grand Rapids, so I helped make the article about it. I also know about astronomy, because I work in the field, so I obeyed Mr. T and re-wrote the article on Titan. The place I work is named after the best astronaut ever, so I made the Roger Bruce "Willis" Chaffee article. I am a personal friend and confidant of Bigfoot so, once again, I obeyed Mr. T and re-wrote that article, and made on the most influential Bigfoot documentary ever. I guess I also worked on some other articles too, like iMac (computer), or Ophiuchus and Astronomy.

If you are coming here, I hope it is not because I ruined your article! If so I am very sorry. I hope we can be friends again.

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