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Games, they're things that you do to have fun, compete against each other and suck you out of the real world for hours even days on end. Board games have since become old and boring, Video Games however have grown from a niche market of software that you can use to amuse yourself and give your Windows PC extended usage to a multi-gazzilion industry similar to Hollywood. Those guys that create Video Games, they earn tons of money which is impossible to earn unless you are somehow the son of the late great Bill Gates. Wouldn't you want to enter a market where you could instantly become rich beyond your wildest dreams? If you're reading this guide, the answer is obviously Yes (unless of course it's no - if it's no your probably clicked on a link to this article, expecting porn, we're so so sorry).

But how are you doing to do it? You have no experience in the game business, in fact you don't have experience in much. Hell you probally never even played a game in your life. But don't fret, we here at Uncyclopedia have compiled a guide that describes every intricate detail of how to go about creating your very own Video Game. So without further ado, here is the guide! Please note: when we say "guide" we don't mean "guide" per say, but actually "guide"

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