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Hey you in the house! You bored, kids bored, you're inner thoughs bored, we all know where we going. You're bored, you need some entertainment and thrills in your life. You could take your kids to the park but you could find yourself bored just sitting there, you could take your kids to Chuck E. Cheese but even you might want to find yourself getting out of there as fast as you can. You'd could turn on High School Musical and let them watch that 100 times in a row but then again, what adult could ever wistand High School Musical. If you're looking for fun the entire family will love but don't want to spend upwards of $599 dollars just to travel to a dissapointing land owned by Disney. Then you need to go to Death Trap Amusement Park, voted the #1 worst best park by the local community, the park contains a various amount of rides for the adults, rides for the kids and rides that the whole family can enjoy. In fact, you'll enjoy it so much, you'll never want to leave, never...

edit For Thrill-Seekers


Our signature attraction, "The Space Shot". Where we shoot people to space at extremly high speeds.

For those insane, death defying, speed defying, intensity seeking thrill seekers who would risk their life just to have a little thrills. The Death Trap Amusement Park actually has a number of rides dedicated to you trill seekers. Now you might know that some parks have higher, faster and better rides that are supposedly more reliable then our rides, well that's a lie perpitrated by some n00b Journalist who got fired after lying about everything on the story. The truth is, we've got the most thrilling rides since the era where the Jump the Gap roller coaster was invented. Now unlike those rids which try to thrill you with temptations such as how high it is or how fast it is, our rides rely on the true thrill of fear, which involve walls, trees, sharp thingys, basicly anything that makes people die.

Our signature attraction "The Space Shot" (pictured) is the premier attraction for thrillseekers alike, with an intention of actually sending people up to space. No, we're not making this up, nor this is a typo or any sort of addition added by someone who smokes plants for a living. No, we send people at an unknown speed up into space where the guests of the park are free to explore the depths of outer space. We have not heard back from them yet but we wish them good luck in the hopes that they'll find alien life on other planets. Our other rides include teh "Tower of Power" in which we drop people over 500ft to the ground, don't worry if you're going to die at the bottom, our always-reliable breaks will stop you before you reach the ground, therefore preventing death.

edit For Familys

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