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Stupid skull

H8-ID This user supports the theory of evolution, and thinks Creationistsare the best evidence against Intelligent Design.
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Virus This user believes in the Almighty Power of the Viri, and in their right to multiply!
Virus This user believes in the Almighty Power of the Viri, and in their right to multiply!
Virus This user believes in the Almighty Power of the Viri, and in their right to multiply!
Virus This user believes in the Almighty Power of the Viri, and in their right to multiply!
Virus This userbox has also been infected by the DNA of the virus, and will soon become like the seven above.
GW-Sc This user is a global warming sceptic. Peter Garret, Tim Flannery and Martin Babakhan are furious.
Virus Ha ha, fooled you! This userbox has NOT been infected. It only mimics those that have, so it doesn't get infected for real.
Stupid skull Dish uzar iz inkreddably stupid. Teeheehee!
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REDundant This user may suffer from redundancy at times.
Bouncywikilogo For those who are bored, the experts at Wikipedia have an article about QXZ.

edit Intro

Heelo. This be mua page. mua page. mua paaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiggggggggge......

For those who do not know mua, mua name is QXZ. That be pronounced kew-ecks-zed (not 'zee', you Americans).

I be born in Giberia a long time ago. That's where they speak Gibberish! That's why I talk with Gibberish accent. You will notice such words as "mua", "beh" and "nihol" pooping up in this text. Allso, sometimes modderate missspellings or missing "S"s at the end of words. Do not it let worry you. It's just for fun. This page suck anyway.

edit Some things of note

This picture here is symbol of Claustropedia, the young and free encyclopedia that only Australians can edit. It is to beh hosted by the Claustromedia Foundation It is because I am really hypo psycho that I invent this site. Pity it don't exist yet. Boohoo, I'm so sad.

The name beh not deriveded from claustrophobia, as some suggest it is. It deriveded like this:

cool + Australian + encyclopedia = coolaustralianencycloped$%%%Ęę#***

damn, didn't work. I try again:

cool + Australian + encyclopedia = claustropedia

thats better!

I hope Claustropedia start existing pretty soon, so mua and mua friend η β π can make some funny articles such as Broken VCR Player and Broken VCR Player that thinks it's a computer. I can also rip off Brits, Yanks and other unworthy things.

edit Normal, or crazy?

Mua normal

Mua normal, with mua friend η β π on a trip to Gosford.

  • Usually, I remain normal, as seen in picture above. It is usually when I do not drink too much broccocino, which is a really disgusting drink which I like. Caffeine is my addiction and when I drink it I beh typinglikecrazywithnotmuchcoherenceinwhatIsaypiefishhamburgercheese.
  • Sometimes, however, I am crazy, such as in the picture below. This is when I drink too much caffeine and mua brain begins to explode. It beh banyak surprizing what a person kan achieve using crazynesss. See, for example, mua crap page on Rubbisch or mua idiotic exfernophomenaquintification page where I rip off eyeballs and Queensland. Recently, some idiot in Uncyclopedia's management (probbabbly) deletedeted mua page on !!! What a bastard!!!!!!!!!!!! (Too much ecxlamation mark can drive you mad too, you know).
Mua crazy

Mua crazy at Gosford, with mua friend η β π and his father in background.

I remember once mua brain actually did asplode (that was when I was bushwalking at Glenrock State conservation area (See Newcastle, Australia)) and I had to have mua brain replaced with microchip. Did I die? Na nihol! Well, damn near. You see, first microchip I got was made in the United States of America, and was so crap I had to put up with being stuppid for nearly 3 week. Mua head was feeling dehydrated because of lakc of water cicrulation. However, then I got replacement - 6 microchips made im Deutschland, all of which werken pretty well, und eine water pipe network into mua head so it not feels dehydrated any more.

edit Tiny heading

This is mua teeny-weeny subheading. It not very useful, since it so smmal. Well, neither is mua head!

edit Other tiny heading

Once, I typeded a banyak anti-American section ("Yankee go home!") into Talk:Main Page - pity it was halfway down the page not up the top. It was all typed in reallly American accent like so:

Unsahclopeedia es way tue Eamarikean.

Then I changeded the heading to =="Yankee go home" got wiped!== and rebutted against muaself, saying what the hell is qxz talking about?!! He has no right to criticize our freedom of speech!!!

So, I had a nice argument with muaself.

edit Really tiny subheading

I have le trouble for do format on Uncyclopedia. That is because I not listen to mua teacher back when I beh in year 7 and did not learnt mua Ten Commandments of HTML ("Thou shalt remember to spell the words color, center etc. the American way in thy Holy HTML code" and yeh...)

Seriously, if you want a nice webpage done, don't hire mua to do it. You'll regret it very qiuckly!

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