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{{Band Infobox
|name=Anti-Hetfield Megaband
|homeworld=[[Dave Mustaine]]'s mom's basement
|hair=Greasy orange ginger-like hair
|era=[[1980s]], [[1990s]], [[2000s]]
|affiliation=[[Megadeth]], former [[Metallica]] members}}
'''Anti-Hetfield Megaband''' is a band consisting of angry ex-[[Metallica]] members who are against [[James Hetfield]] and [[Lars Ulrich]].
==Band members==
*[[Lemmy]] - [[Vocals]] (He can barely sing at all, and it is unknown why he is actually angry at Hetfield and Ulrich)
*[[Dave Mustaine|Dave Mustardstain]] - [[Drums]] (Yes, Dave plays drums, he learned them while his hand was broken and he was unable to play guitar after an incident with Paris Hilton's dog)
*Jason Newkid - [[Guitar]]
*Ron McDonald - [[Bass]]
*[[Cliff Burton]] - Bass (His ghost actually plays all the bass-lines, but Ron takes all the credit)
*Bob Rock - Production (Metallica dropped him as producer after the terrible ''St. Anger'')

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