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The film starts off with the audience getting in their seats. When they have all taken their seats the turn off your phone warning comes up. Then someone's phone goes off. When they look at their phone there is a picture of Chuck Norris. Then their face caves in the shape of a boot.

Then a big explosion happens. Then a title sequence that would make James Cameron shit his pants. The film opens with a wide-angled shot of an orbital satellite spinning in space which using a match cut becomes a large erect penis.

The camera zooms out and we see that the erect penis belongs to a massive statue of the Greek God Zeus, situated in the middle of a crowded Greek marketplace. Everybody is doing normal Greek stuff like eating souvlaki and philosophizing. Suddenly Zomiebaron comes running into the marketplace waving a gun and yelling something about tacos. Jump cut back to the satellite spinning in space, we see that the satellite has the letters "T.A.C.O.S" painted on its side. Zombiebaron got into one little fight and his mom got scared, so she moved him in with his auntie and uncle in Quebec. His Uncle is played by Morgan Freeman and the aunt is played by Meryl Streep because anything she's in will get an Oscar.

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