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Detective Chief Inspector, DCI for stort.

(DCI gene hunt walks in)

Gene: Tyler what the fuck are you doing?!

Sam Tyler is the Detective Inspector

Sam: I'm writeing a Uncyclopedia actile about you

Gene: What in bloody hell is Uncyclopeedo and why are you writeing about me are you a poof?

Sam: Its a website and Ray and Skellton asked me to write.

Gene: Why don't they do it then, lazy basteds

Sam: they can't spell

Gene: get off i'll do it myself

edit DCI Gene Hunt

“Fire up the quadtor”
~ Gene Hunt on His Car
“I am the law”
~ Gene Hunt on The Law

Gene Hunt, everyone calls me gov and they know not to mess with the gene geie otherwise therely find them selfs in the slamer for the night

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