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“I know I can, I know I can be what I want to be ”
~ Nas on dreams and ambitions.
“Watch dem niggas that are close to you ”
~ Nas on claustrophobia.

edit Nas as a person

Born Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones (seriously that's his name, and yet he's never made one song about being a Muslim) in New York City in 1973 instantly making him a complete and total G-dawg nigger. He never finished middle school as he felt as if he had a better career in becoming a drug dealer. When that didn't work out for him after he was caught snitching he became a rapper to educate little Negroes that if you try you can become a gangster drug dealer just like him.

edit His Music Career

edit Early releases

Nas released 4 albums in the period of him becoming a rapper to the new century:Illmatic (1994) It was Written (1996) | I am...(1999) Nastradamus (1999). Going in order Illmatic was released first, and it was considered to be the best album ever made by someone who can't spell the word Automatic. The basic concept of the name was that his ill (which is black for talent) is automatic. Nas quickly realized that he screwed up, he released the best he had and made expectations way too high. Nonetheless he at this time was considered the King of New York, and it should be noted this is also when Jay-Z started hating on him. He then released It Was Written which was alright but clearly not important enough for me to elaborate on. His next album "I am..." is a result of him not remembering that he must have an explanation to what he's doing. Nas missed that class because he was dealing drugs in the school yard. Either way the album was crap and while we are talking about crap Nastradamus was crap too. Nothing with "damus" in the name of it can be considered rap or good, rather it was Irish gibberish.

edit His career post 2000

Jay-Z was still hating on him because he only had 1 good album himself, but Nas' crap albums were better than his crap albums by a mile. I digress into stating that Nas had 5 albums in the 2000+ era. Those being Stillmatic (2001) God's Son(2002) Street's Disciple (2004) Hip Hop is Dead(2006) Untitled(2008). Stillmatic was Nas trying to be oh so clever in his naming schemes by implying that he's still automatic. Unfortunately for him, he wasn't. Somehow people still had hope in Nas and didn't just give up. I mean serious how the hell is his music careers alive with 1 good album (granted it was a classic) and his new found commercialism music. At this point Nas has abandoned his interesting gangster drug dealing story telling for more radio friendly singles and fake imitations of that that had gotten him famous in the first place. God's Son is a prime example of his new found material and inspiration in music. Street's Disciple is also a great example of that, I mean seriously it's been 10 years since he was a drug dealer and he used all his best story telling rhymes to make Illmatic the album it was. Hip Hop is Dead is ironically not a homage to the fact that all great rappers die before their career can fizzle out. Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Easy E, and various other rappers who either died or stopped rapping in their peak aren't even mentioned in this album. The album is actually about him believing Hip Hop has no spark, ironically he hasn't given them any spark or even any inspiration to do so with this song. Also it should be noted that Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco have both stated themselves as great Rappers at this point, so if he were to have done this album it should have been 2 years sooner. All I can say about Untitled is that it was going to be named Niggers but he no longer knew what being a nigger was. His mixtape with Damian Marley was fire though, so props for that.

edit The Feud with Jay-Z

In short it was a dick measuring contest. Both thought that they could make the most albums without them being remotely good and still cling to the fame that each had obtained in their debut albums. This feud was won by Nas, with no album being a hit. It should also be noted that Jay-Z had made a mistake by releasing the Blueprint which was a hit. Nas can still claim to the fame that he never got lyrically murdered on his own song like Jay-Z was by Eminem on Renegades (Also Lil Wayne and Nutt da Kidd's remix murdered him as well).

edit Nas' Career in summary

He claims to the fame that he had acquired in one album. Overall he's still a Gangsta, fucks more bitches, and smokes more weed than anyone who could be reading this article. He'd also like you to know that his generation will make a change.

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