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Content Warning

Amongst its many virtues, this website may contain objectionable content, such as depictions of sex, violence, dark satiric parody, speaking truth to power, or other materials not intended for a general audience.


"Go away" advises the great satirist as he beckons you forward.

This is a scary, scary place, with depictions of violence that makes hardened Vietnam vets turn away in disgust. It is a sexy, sexy place, with handy guides as to how to get laid, how often to get laid, and what you can actually have sex with, including octopods, robots, extinct species, and organically grown produce.

Dark comedy? Some of the comedy is so dark that it can only be illuminated by a 50-megaton nuclear explosion.

That said, you will find great parody and satire here. Parody often uses humor to illuminate serious social issues which can cause a reader to think about the world and their place in it. Due to this thought provoking nature, we advise that the site be avoided by anybody with a rigid ideology, dearly-held creed, or other irrational phobia.

As a result of all this, we advise that the content of this wiki only be viewed by nominally adult audiences.

In general, Wikia does not review nor endorse the content of this or any other wiki. For more information about our policies, visit Wikia's Terms of Use.

In specific though, this site is really funny.

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