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edit Saxton Hale

this is my work for a page that some tf2 players will enjoy

edit appearance

saxton hale is austrlian easily noticeble by the land down under being tatooed across his left buttcheek.

edit Mann Co.

Hales grandfather Barnabas hale acquired the ownership of Mann co. shortly after his employer Zephaniah Mann died from Kitten huffing withdrawal combined were with the grief of knowing that 2/3rd s of his children were retarded and that he third out the window at birth. Mann co. subsequently fell into the ownership of saxton until he gave it up because of his inability to beat up Olivia Mann who is the bastard daughter of the third brother

edit hobbies

Beatinng up endangered and or mythical species of animals such as Yeti, and nazis with his DAMN BARE HANDS a top rank tf2 strange weapon ripped off for 1 scrap leafed with australium 1 atom thick, huffing rare species of feline cubs the punching the fuck out of the corpse.

edit achievements

Letting the girl scout community that grizzly bears burn! Effectively removing hippie, or sometime mistakenly Mann co. Mercenaries with his DAMN BARE HANDS

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