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edit Pulp Eater's User Page

edit History of Pulp

Pulp itself has been around as long as orange juice. Some might say longer.

The merits of Pulp have been debated vigorously in front of many a turf fire in Ireland. Contrary to popular belief, the potato is actually the second staple crop of the Emerald Islands. The first is the orange. The dreadful climate and the loud bangs coming from IRA explosions off in the distance combined to make Ireland's total produce of oranges nearly overtake that of one of Florida's smaller counties. Unfortunately, Tony Blair got involved, and due to his continuation of British influence and oppression in the Fatherland, the IRA have been forced underground, writing subtle pro-Irish articles on their Uncyclopedia user pages in hopes of rekindling the rebellion. The oranges have suffered accordingly.

Oranges are one of the best fruits on the planet, ranking high with the banana, tomato, and the applesauce. All four were present at the Congress of Vienna, but unfortunately due to their prior support of France in the Napoleonic Wars they didn't get to say much.

Like the UN security council, these four fruits basically dominate all other fruits that even try to have their interests represented. Like that time the Mulberry wanted to enrich uranium. Economic sanctions were imposed, but the Mulberry remains a major threat to global security.

edit So There

You now are qualified to say you know everything there is to know about Pulp. See the Talk Thing, or whatever,

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