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One question that so many have asked - is it legal to like Joe  ?

Joe says yes and yes means yes The people say yes and yes means yes The Government say yes and yes means no

The government hate Joe.


(It begins in a light wood room with a table in the middle of it)

PuffyMidnightCloud : So I think it should be legal. Alletio : Reeely ?!! PuffyMidnightCloud : YES REALLY Alletio : Bah ha ha !!! Noonseense PuffyMidnightCloud : HEY LISTEN HERE WHATSHISNAMEIO , YOU CAN CALL BE PMC Alletio : Hey , hey , hey - calm down PuffyMidnightCloud (or as he likes asked - PFK ): How ? Alletio : LIS'N 'ERE YOU LITTLE SCAMP - I'M A TOP GOVERMENT OFFICIAL. PFK (You know who he is , donchya ?) : SO FLIPPING WHAT ? Joe : * Pulls out gun and points it at alletio * Why don't ya just listen to Puffy What's he called again ? Alletio : * Kickes Joe * Shut up joetto !!! Joe : *Picking himself up * I'm Joe , what's yer name again. Alletio : OH WHY DO YOU KEEP FORGETTIN' OUR NAMES ? Joe : Well , I'm on the side of PuffyMidnightCloud or PFK as most like to call 'im. HuckBuckTruck : Mea tooo ! PFK : It's Me Too . HuckBuckTruck : This iz poyntles dibat. PFK : Oh why does HuckBuckTruck spells bad. He spells his name HukBukTruke HuckBuckTruck : This dibat ends her. Liekinge Jowe iz leegoll. Joe and PFK : Hoooraaaay.

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