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Now the Psychotic Spartan survives on the internet, the son of [[User:HELPME|Sir HELPME]], and the brother of [[User:Lordarcadian|Lordarcadian]]. When did it go wrong?
Now the Psychotic Spartan survives on the internet, the son of [[User:HELPME|Sir HELPME]], and the brother of [[User:Lordarcadian|Lordarcadian]]. When did it go wrong?
{{Q|Suck a [[dick]] you will|Yoda|seeing {{USERNAME}}'s future.}}
I'll get more.
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===Future Links===
*[[Sane Men]]

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The Psychotic Spartans were once a mighty breed of human/minotaur hybrids born for the sould purpose of spreading insanity across the globe.Now there's only one surviving Pychotic Spartan residing in the present-day United States, a nation of asstards and whores.

edit Etymology

Psychotic Spartan (from the Greek ψυχή "psyche", for mind/soul, and Σπαρτιάται, for "Spartan") means "abnormal man of equal status". Like all spartans,he was trained for battle and put through grueling challenges intented to craft them into fearless warriors.

edit Life

Psychotic Spartans lived in Sparta, the most badass city-state on the Mediterranean. They were normal everyday cow-humans until the Accident struck. The Accident was later revealed by scientists to be Mad Cow Disease besetting us by asshole jews.

Mad Cow Disease spreaded Dickotry rapidly throughout the city-state annhilating most of us through sex (as Mad Cow Disease makes you sexually impulsive). In fact, many of those that died couldn't stop fucking until their dicks turned purple, without sleep, food, and bathing. The survivors fled Sparta and moved to Egypt where the jews were enslaved.

edit Egyptian Life

Psychotic Egyptians (as Psychotic Spartans were mistakenly labeled) lived in the desert feeding upon the flesh of nearby cows in a cannablistic frenzy. The fear of the cow threat spread rapidly throughout the Jewish Community. So, the jew-slaves formed an angry mob armed with stolen swords (Jews wouldn't spend money on swords) to exterminate the cow-people.

The Psychotic Spartans waited though knowing that jew-weapons couldn't hurt them and later that night annhilated the jews in Egypt-the survivors fled with Moses.

edit War

For a time, the Psychotic Spartans lived in harmony with the minotaurs in Minos' Labyrinth. That was until World War II when they heard Hitler's call to fight. Upon enlisting in the SS the cow-men were told to round up the jews for a tea party at Auschwitz. Knowing better the Psycho-Spartans instead captured the jews and took them to the evil Stalin for deportation to Madagascar.

In a rage, Himmler invaded Russia to punish the supposed "tea-survors". Many cow-men were killed-all but the smartest two-able to evade capture in the disguise as jew-cows. They were instead taken to Fun Camps until the victorious Allies ruthlessly bombarded Hitler Land (as Germany was known). Only one Psychotic Spartan survived the war.

edit A New Life

Now the Psychotic Spartan survives on the internet, the son of Sir HELPME, and the brother of Lordarcadian. When did it go wrong?

edit Quotes

“Suck a dick you will”
~ Yoda on seeing <insert name here>'s future.

I'll get more.

edit Userboxes

Bad ass simle face mini This user is a bad ass, so treat him wih respect.
Clown penis This user is a Psycho, so fear him.

edit Links


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