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Information about me.

E-mail address:

Password: hack_me_tender101

First Name: Psycho

Last Name: Cowboy

Country: The Internet

State/Territory: Google Chrome

Postal Code: My IP address, which changes every day thanks to my anonymising software

Gender: Did you mean sex?

Birth Year: This account was born in 2010.

Enter the characters you see: Robyn Rihanna Fenty, Samantha Stosur, Julia Gillard


About me: I'm a Psycho Cowboy hiding out in Mexico as Carlos Slim's main entertainer. I first met my wife on World of Warcraft and her name is Psycho Cowgirl. We will appear in Toy Story pi, the sequel to Toy Story 3.

Until then, we'll have to leave you in the lurch with a few pints of lagger.


I am also an International Master at chess, having gained all three of my IM norms using the James Bond Defence at the Zonal.

Opening Repertoire:

White: 1.f3, 2.g3, 3.Kf2 and 4.Kg2. Fianchettoing the king is a necessary precursor to the James Bond Defence.

Black: The Hippopotamus only. It's a good way to lie low on the grass.

My wife's opening repertoire is the Hippo as White and 1...f6, 2...g6, 3...Kf7 and 4...Kg7 with Black. With these openings, it doesn't really matter if you're Black or White. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Sorry for being inactive, I couldn't find the doorbell.


Now to try and work out how to copy and paste images to a page. Test...


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