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edit Potato's Message

I have a very good sense of humour,
This is why I joined Uncyclopedia.
I haven't used it all that much,
In other words, I might really need ya.
If you're feeling extremely hungry,
Someone will have to come and feed ya.
I can't possibly think of any more rhymes,
So vaa lurhnh dsasy-tay gv-edia.

Have a hip day, my groovy posse. Big it up.

edit Pages I've Started

edit "Classic F1 Races" Project

edit Smatijove? WTF?

How did I come up with this? It stemmed from a habit of making up random words on Countdown. One day, I managed to make the aforementioned nine letter word out of a selection of letters and, when prompted by my confused family to give a definition, I gave pretty much the one seen at the start of the smatijove article.

So, if you see a reference to "Smatijoves" anywhere in uncyclopedia, it means I've edited the article at some point. Think of it as my trademark (at least until some other uncycler nicks it, anyway).

edit Missingno Face




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