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edit Did you know that Proximale...

  • Has no soul and is devoid of both intelligent though and rationality?
  • drinks the blood of Christian children to retain his moronic mindset?

Proximale is useless ubernoob who has all the literary value of sack of potatoes. It is likely that he was born stupid. It is also likely that by reading the text he posted your IQ will be lowered because of it.

edit Proximale

Born Charles Von Needledickovic to a small family in southern romania, Proximale has spent his life in the tutelage of such greats as Rodney Dangerfield and George Carlin, though while a devout follower of both he lacks both the intelligence and the delivery of both men/gods. Prox is an enthusiastic racist, though he prefers to go by the title Misanthrope.

While backpack through Idaho, thinking it was Europe, Prox met a magic hobo who traded him some Magic Beans for cigarette. Prox ate these beans and a beanstalk grew out of his ass. Leaving the massive bean pole in an outhouse just outside Boise, Prox went on to proclaim he had released a "Holy Shit" upon the world. Though it was later found that his high fiber diet was responsible for the stalk which was later to be hardened feces and the digested remnants of the memoirs of Anne Heche which Prox mistakenly though where Nilla Wafers.

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