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World War 13
Part of Major Global Conflicts
Heather Copy
Heather, trying to convince American soldiers not to take Total Drama Island
Date 5000-5066
Location Everywhere
Result Allied Victory
Causes All previous World Wars
heather empire takes over Eastern Europe. Mexican Empire gives Cuba to britan.
The Allies

UnitedKingdom British Empire
22px-Flag of United States United States
Icons-flag-mx Mexican Empire
22px-Flag of Australia Australia
Icon flag-Jp Japan
Icons-flag-es Spanish Empire

The Axis

Nazi SwastikaThe Fifth Reich
Icons-flag-ca Heather Empire
22px-Flag of Italy Italy
Soviet Flag North Korea
22px-Flag of China China
NobodySymbol The World That Said It Never Was
Malaysia Terbakar Unhoumorus Republic of Malaysia
NobodySymbol The Bikini Bottom Empire
Icons-flag-iq The United Republics of Dumbfuckistan

UnitedKingdom James Bond

Icons-flag-mx Pancho Villa
22px-Flag of United States Barack Obama
22px-Flag of United States Stewie Griffin
Icon flag-JpKing of Gay Smiles
Icons-flag-es King San Diego of III

Nazi Swastika King Hitler 2 of Germany

22px-Flag of China Zhoung Shit
Icons-flag-ca Heather I of Canada
Soviet Flag Cho-My-hang
NobodySymbol Darth Mansex
NobodySymbol Gavin Newsom
NobodySymbol Patrick Star
Icons-flag-iq El Fucktard

  • USA: 10,888,211 dead/wounded
  • UK: 7,200,100 dead/wounded
  • Mexico: -150,000,000
  • Spanish Empire:10,000,000 dead/wounded

Civilian dead:

  • USA: 10,000,000
  • UK: 3,000,000
  • Mexico: 5,000,000
  • Spanish Empire: 100,000

Total dead:
A whole shitload

  • Germany: 100,000,000 dead/wounded
  • North Korea:15,000,000 dead/wounded
  • Heather Empire:6,000,000 dead/wounded
  • Italy:4,000,000 dead/wounded
  • Chinese Empire: Almost everyone
  • 13 Nobodies

Civilian dead:

  • Germany: 40,000,000
  • North Korea: 20,000,000
  • Heather Empire 10,000,000
  • Chinese Empire:too many for numbers to count
  • Bikini Bottem: Again, too many numbers to count

Total dead:
A whole shitload

World War 16 was a World War that almost destroyed the whole world itself. The Heather Empire tried conquering the whole world. While the Mexican and Spanish Empires were planning to merge. Then, out of nowhere, Hitler II of Germany decided to do what the Nazis did. Takeover Europe. With a few freinds. The Heather Empire teamed up with the Neo-Nazi's hoping it would bring joy. But the result was death.

edit El Orgino

The World War happened about 8:00 am. American soldiers were invading Total Drama Island. Heather was mad. Then Heather killed all the Americans. While in Europe, those damm racist assholes called the Nazis invaded Europe. Its extremely funny!


The World During mass destruction

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