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Jamie P. Crocodile (April 15, 1960-May 1, 1984) was a wealthy entreprenuer in the tear-drop trade, and by the time of his death he had the highest net worth of any reptile in the Americas.


Crocodile was rejected his entire life by peers as a nouveau riche who couldn't even wear a top-hat correctly.

edit Early Life

Seperated from his true parents as an egg, Crocodile was hatched to Roy and Martha Stevenson in New York, New York. As keepers of exotic animals, the Stevensons raised Crocodile alongside chickens, parrots, Jews, bass, and other tasty snacks. In a case which remains controversial to this day, Crocodile was convicted of raping and masticating his caretakers. He was sentenced to death by flushing. However, unlike the humans which the court was designed to punish, Crocodile was able to survive by breathing underwater. Thus escaping his punishment, Crocodile was able to make a life for himself in the New York sewers as a kitten dealer. However, Crocodile always held onto hopes of going legit. In 1976 Crocodile was one of the first of his species admitted to Duke University with a full lacrosse scholarship.

edit Business Years


Crocodile's refreshing brand of eye-drops made him the world's richest millionaire.

Crocodile's lifelong dream was to one day own one of those icecream scoops with anti-freeze in the handle. Using the small fortune he had accumlated on the kitten huffing market, Crocodile used his money not to buy an icecream scoop but to start a small business in Ohio. He sold eye drops.

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