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Jolly Olde England
The England Call Centre
England flag large Gryffindor
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: "Put the kettle on."
Anthem: "Let's Go Fucking Mental!"
Capital Cardiff
Largest city Eoforwic
Official language(s) Hindi, Pakistani, Iranian, Arabic, Scouse, Chavish, Ald Englisc, Wanker (see Cockney).
Government Scottish Over-Class, English Under-Class.
Elderman The Queen
National Hero(es) Jack The Ripper, Mr. Ben, Danny Dyer
Currency Crumpet
Religion Crime, Football
Population Total: 60,000,000
Foreigners: 60,000,000
Racists: 100% and climbing
Chavs: Too many to count
Bloody French: None that live...
Germans: The Monarchy
Area 32 Square scones
Major exports Gary Glitter, Airfix's new non-glue/paint start-up civilization models.
Queuing, Moaning about the weather, moaning about queues, moaning about politicians. Moaning about foreigners. Moaning about each other. Moaning about the past. Moaning about the present. Queuing. Moaning about the press. Queuing And prejudgment
Hours of
Ask India. They run the office now
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