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edit About Me

I am new to Uncyclopedia, and the Wiki world in general, and thus have no idea what I'm supposed to put on this page, so I am writing random nonsense. GO, ME!

I am Professorninja. I spend most of my time training young ninja. My specialties include lurking, stalking, watching, knowing, being silent, being unseen, and coordinating black outfits.

edit The Crap I Have Written

I emphasize "crap" because as of yet I have not written anything worth while. Yup, my articles suck.

Quinton flynn-This is an article about a badass voice actor named Quinton Flynn, but the article sucks, its formatted weird, and is filled with information that is not stupid, but not funny either, thus it fails as an uncyc article. One of these days I'm going to get around to rewriting it, and making it non-suck-ish. At this moment this in my only full article on the wiki, and it is also my worst work.

Jutsu- This is an article is about jutsu, as portrayed in numerous random Mangas and Animes. This article also sucked, and has been deleted, because while it has flow, and avoids being stupid, it isn't particularly funny. This article is more of an overview of action moves with a few prostitution puns thrown in, not a worthy uncyc article. One of these days I will go back and rewrite it, but for now, it is in the crap pile.

Ninja Children- This article wasn't actually crap at all, it was pretty informative, telling about the growth of Ninji, how they attain their ninja awesomeness, and how they learn to use that awesomeness to stun their enemies to death, but it was a work in progress that I left uncompleted, and thus was canned. I am currently reconstructing this compilation of awesome, on a word processor instead of the wiki, that way it won't be deleted by mistake, but until it is finished, this article is also in the crap pile.

Middler Bowling- This is another work in progress that was deleted before its time. It's probably for the best though, I got it pee reviewed before it was deleted, and it wasn't looking very well. Like all my other articles I intend on one day reconstructing this into something worth while, but for now this article is non-existent.

edit The Not-Crap That I Have Written

Not every piece I've written is crap, some of them are Undictionary entries.

Thespian and Dams-Male in Distress

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