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Prof. Fate

Fate the Magnificent

Welcome to the user page of Professor Fate.

I am temporarily away, as I have entered the Hannibal II in an upcoming NASCAR race and there are a few things Max and I have to "take care of". Please determine which of the following categories describes your correspondence, then correspond categorically.

  • If you are reporting a Great Leslie sighting or providing information about a new dastardly invention, please visit our website and click the Contact Us icon. DO IT NOW!
  • For other questions and comments, click the discussion tab above, then type your message in the edit box. No, at the bottom, you idiot!
  • Hardly a day goes by that we are not asked to explain the chicken joke. A "fryer" is a chicken sold in the market for frying. You see, it sounds like "friar"'s a, that's not a homo's a know...a play on........oh gawd...

I convinced the Great Leslie that the Flying Leap is now an Olympic event. That isn't a gold medal he'll be wearing!

In order to appreciate the Professor's villainous yet acerbic sense of humor, it is a good idea to consult the articles below. A very good idea. That is NOT a request.

edit Miscreant miscreations

Jerry Lee with birds copy

UnNews:FOX to place ads in "censored" blurbs




'Tain't neither

Booger mites

UnNews:Scientists photograph elusive "booger" mites

Judge Frito Bandito

Criminal Justice System

edit Significant sabotage of...

Little darn bills

Kill Bill!

edit Inconsequential contributions (evil) to...

Three copy

Abstract art

Cannoli pescadoro

The Godfather. Deservedly huffed, but temporarily available here.

Box copy

Dang, This Box Is Empty!

edit Dastardly drive-bys

“Viagra is splendiferous
Invented forastifferus
I give some to my phallus
Before I go Cialis ”
~ Ogden Nash

Poor quality control


Mr Six at play

Six Flags



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