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“The first appearance of the name of the article in the article is always in bold God Damn It!”
~ Prettiestpretty on The Importance of Being Pretty

Dear Friends,

Hello, Darlings! How is you, as we say here in the Midwest. We is fine. Nothing new here. Write when you find work,

Miss you all madly,

Penny, aka Prettiestpretty

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Mrs. Edwin Standish of Shaker Heights Ohio just loves the writings of Prettiestpretty because "of their good taste, non-controversial topics and how they eschew obfuscation."


My mother, taken during the 1958 Shaker Heights PTA Follies in which she recited "The Boy Stood on the Burning Deck" ("his feet were filled with blisters"). Even though she won rave reviews for that performance, and for her recurring, and most challenging role as the room mother for Mrs. Smiley's first grade class in room 4, she eventually returned to Burlesque - it was the only thing that Mother truly loved.


Prettiestpretty (aka Little Egypt) presents her major awards


Leaving Damian Lewis was the single biggest mistake of my life




They sing the songs of your life their way

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For June, 2007

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