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Those gay guys that live two doors down from you and your family have the nicest house in the neighborhood. Their house, inside and out is really cool, too. Yeah, your folks were really worried when they moved in a few years ago, but things around your home have gotten a lot better since they moved in as well.

edit Whoopsi, there goes there neighborhood!

Their house is like the coolest place on the block for being totally gay and all. When they bought it was just a strong wind away from being a pile of match sticks. Your dad flipped out that someone actually bough that old dump. But the minute he found out that they were queer and all he just about had a stroke. He got all worked up over the fact that perverts were going to move in and then the cops would be raiding the place because there were going to men prancing around in skirts and stuff. "Just you wait," he said to you and mother then he went out and roofed the garage.

So the day comes when you started to see workers over at the house, and you're wondering when the men in dresses where going start playing hopscotch on the sidewalk, but no one did. The crew went in and ripped out the yard and got rid of the weeds and shit. Then the construction guys ripped off all that vinyl siding and those cheap ass windows and the place starting looking good. The lead workers even brought in a backhoe and opened up the back yard

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