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Judith's story is one that I've held close to my heart ever since I gazed into her on that fateful winter evening. Her story is one love, laughter, tragedy, friendship and eventually sacrifice for those she loves. There's no-one I've loved more than Judith, and I know that she will be truly proud that her story is being told at last. Both of us have received criticism from almost everyone we've met, but that's never stopped our love from blossoming to it's full potential. Because we knew that as long as we had each other, we wouldn't need anyone else. There was only one true love of my life...Judith. People have told me she's not real, that she's a figment of my imagination, but they just don't understand.

edit The Beginning

Times were so differant back in 1976, and so was I. I was a young journalism student, doing part-time at the local newspaper office. I also worked at my uncle's delicatessen to make ends meet. In New York during the time there was one club that was the place to be and that was The Flea House. Of course, me and my friends hit it just about every weekend, often resulting in tremendous hangovers and, in the case of my friend Ted, an illegitemate child. It just happened that one visit to The Flea House changed my life forever. It had been a chilly winter day, and we all needed a good boogie to warm ourselves up. That's when I saw her. Nobody seems to take much notice of Judith, in fact some people where just plain rude. The bartender ignored her time and time again when she asked for a drink. Seeing it as my chance to impress, a sauntered towards the man and inquired why he wasn't serving the young lady, he said there wasn't anyone there. What cheek! I decided to rough him up a bit, because such talk was extremely sexist. Needless to say, I was thrown out of the club but afterwards Judith and I were inseperable.

We enjoyed a rambunctious love affair, we didn't emerge from my flat for the first two weeks of our relationship. Judith and I had so much in common, from the very beginning we were finishing each other's sentances. We both shared a passion for the writings of Anaïs Nin as well as a love for progressive rock bands such as King Crimson and Peter Gabriel era Genesis. Even our taste in matters like art and food were the same, surely we were made for one another?

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