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PrawnJuice is a nutritious and great tasting juice box which is sold by the company Golden Circle.

After being left next to a computer for several days, the computer's radiation has been known to cause the juice box to become sentient and begin mass-producing lies and quirky humour in encyclopedias such as Uncyclopedia.

edit Flavours

Other flavors may include the following:

  • Shrimp flavor
  • Benana flavor
  • Fishguts flavor
  • Vanilla Ice flavor

edit Side Affects

While PrawnJuice is supposed to be a health drink, it has been known to have exactly 3 side affects, some good and some bad.

  • Side effects: Drinkers often complain they feel a 'kicking' effect in the side of their body.
  • Smelling like fish: Drinkers of PrawnJuice have been known to smell incredibly foul.
  • Severe brain damage: Those who drink PrawnJuice frequently have been known to get amnesia and smell incredibly foul.
  • Pink skin: Although this case is extremely rare, some drinkers skin turns pink after consumption of PrawnJuice. Scientist don't yet know what the cause is.

edit Front Affects

  • Female drinkers have been known to get larger breats and nipples like acorns after drinking PrawnJuice. Scientist suspect PrawnJuice may be an aphrodisiac.

--PrawnJuice 05:23, 29 Oct 2005 (UTC)

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