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Staring at a gurning expert can evidently lead to confusion. Typically, this can lead to the victim being mindfucked after a few more seconds of staring at the gurner.

Gurning is an action to represent a typical troll face, but has also been used as a lethal weapon.

Since its creation in 2006, gurning has been deemed popular, but is considered highly dangerous due to a high increase in deaths after the first few years since its invention. In 2009, George Carlin, the man who coined the term gurning, himself admitted gurning was a demon to its own face. It was followed by a fit of giggles and George Carlin was unable to comment after. This lead to the popular belief that gurning is highly dangerous.

Such is the art of gurning, to be able to make a distorted face expression with such a horrible atmosphere, the victim who stares at the gurner's face will display symptoms such as screaming, tearing at his or her hair or permanent troll faces. Naturally, the victim would go mindfucked immediately. Due to gurning being such a dangerous weapon, only experts are allowed to gurn at their own consent.

However, by law, it is still illegal to gurn in public for safety purposes. Gurning in public evidently results in Capital punishment or worse, such at foot tickling before fatally disembering the body parts of the person.

edit Orgins of gurning

The orgins of gurning was inspired by the gurning of a dog. A man who declined to say his name claimed he witnessed the dog gurning, and described it as the face of a dog. He was fatally wounded in the face after a few more brief seconds of staring at the dog, and had to be admitted to the hospital.

George Carlin eventully coined the term as "gurning", after realising that was the sound made instantaneously after a proper gurning. Gurning became an internet meme, but many people pointed out minor critism in saying that "proper gurning should be fatal".

Following this logic, the dog was taken as "master of gurning" and gurning was officially announced by America as dangerous. This was followed by a shower of pizzas as celebration and girls talking off their shirts and sticking out their tongues.

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