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We take pride in our work. Because we are the Delta Force.

Greetings. You look scared. Are you?

Ah, there's nothing to be afraid of. We are the Delta Force. Come here.

No, you won't be needing that condom.

Come here.

You're not hurt? That's good. We apologize for our sudden invasion. Unfortunately, we would be here for quite a while.

First of all. We are the Delta Force.

You must remember this.

Look at all the dead bodies around you. You must remember.



Yes, that slap was necessary. I had to make sure you were not Russian.

Listen to me. What is your name? Susan? That's a good name for ... er ... a boy. But anyway.

There is no way we are responsible for these dead bodies. You must remember this.

We just happened to be here. We just happened to be shooting the air for fun with our M4A1.

Yes, these bodies. We did not kill them. You did.

No, yes - no, we know you did not but you did, like, you killed them.

Got it?

You killed them. Say it was self-defense. Say it was theft. Or whatever.

Just don't you fucking say it was us.

Pizza hostage3

Right, now give me your pizza.

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