UnNews:Arnold Schwarzenegger officially challenges Barack Obama for the Presidency!

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Arnold Schwarzenegger has officially challenged Barrack Obama for the presidency!

Voters worldwide were startled by the the baffling news that has indeed upset countless dozens, in particular, the elderly currently battling illicit substance abuse. It had been a lazy, relaxing Sunday afternoon at the White House when harsh muscular door-knocking broke the lip-lickingly delicious silence on which Mr Obama feasted with ease. Excited and anxiously urged on by the hundreds of jackling journalists/camera guys the door was swiftly beaten down as Mr Schwarzenegger raced to confront the napping president. Embarrassingly though, the thought-to-be napping president was caught red-handed giggling like a school girl as he perused foolish uncyclopedia articles about himself and his allegedly spicy affair with unsuccessful prostitute Whoopi Goldberg.

The muscular Mr Schwarzenegger proclaimed to the suffering (from lack of muscles) proletariat that he too shares their concerns about substance abuse in the world and if he were to be elected, the first thing he would do is legalize, synthesize and metabolize steroids. His political slogans have garnered international support for his righteous cause. Even as I write this article, crowds march outside shouting various slogans - "Arnie is NOT a Carny!", "Muscles for all!". I can barefly type as cmy keyboard qufakes over the gdesk. While there have been no definite reports yet, the bout is supposedly scheduled for three five minute rounds on the Moon next week. Both combatants are allowed 2 minutes supply of oxygen and the finest steel-plated space suits available. More as this story develops!

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