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 Mmm... Score: 80 Moves: 80

> east

You walk down the passageway to the east. You can't help but think about pie. Or is it pi? You're either hungry, or you have developed a sudden interest in maths. You come across a large title.

> read title

You've found the secret bonus version of Zork! You must have a lot of time on your hands.

> Uhh...secret? It's listed at the bottom of the Game:Zork page. If you wanted to make it secret, you should have camouflaged it better.

Okay, smartass, a million Grues suddenly appe--

> Never mind.

Yeah, that's what I thought. Anyhoo...

You're in the middle of a dungeon maze, at one end of the maze is a beach with hot chicks and studly studs, at the other is a message describing how you died followed by a link labeled "Start over". There are four paths to go from here: North, South, West, and up. There may or may not be a grue in the corner there, why don't you find out?

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