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Hi. I've been really pissed off lately about how all the great "Writers" get their "Writer of the Month" trophy, but what about those who slave away to give you quality text adventures to waste your time on? Well, I've had enough. I give you:

The Implementor of the Month Award!

If you are an Uncyclopedia game implementor, then you could have a chance to win this trophy!

edit News

edit 1 November 2007

There has been a small tweak in the rules. You may now nominate as many people in a month as you like, however, you only get one vote. Against votes are now valid.

edit FAQ

Q: Why is an insignificant moron like you doing this?

A: Because I'm bored. Anyway, are you going to vote or not?

edit Rules

  • One vote per user per month. You may vote once for one implementor.
  • Nominations count as "for" votes. Actually, no. You may nominate as many people as you like, however you only get one vote.
  • No self-noms. Ever.
  • However, you may vote for yourself.
  • Nominees must have a reasonable number of edits in the Game namespace.
  • One vote per registered user. No sockpuppets or IPs.
  • You may vote "against", but by doing so you forfeit your month's vote.

edit Rewards

  • A trophy for your user page.
  • A personal congratulation from yours truly, possibly involving game whoring.
  • 7,500 zorkmids prize money.
  • The right to add "Grand Implementor" to the beginning of your name, and the right to put "IotM" in your sig. It's not as good as a real title, but whad'ya gonna do?

edit How to Nominate

  1. Choose your favorite game implementor.
  2. Inform that particular implementor on his/her/its talk page (optional, but recommended).
  3. Place {{User:Pongo Version 2/IoTMnom}} on his/her/its userpage (optional, but recommended).
  4. Create a new heading for that implementor, with your vote on it. There: you're done. Go get yourself a cool glass of organic fairtrade orange juice.

edit Past Winners

Zork Implementor L - Nobody - Zombiebaron - Punyhuman - Nobody - Cajek - Nobody - Nobody - Pongo Version 2

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edit One Year Later: July 2009

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Score: +1

edit LOL JULY 2008

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