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edit Pixlo

(Born June 20, 1968) Freidrich Excelpepper Pixel Von Trinker known mononymously as Pixlo is a non-territorial mining gnome from New Beer Ohio. He enrolled at Cleveland State University in 1988 and was first exposed to mining there during a blindfolded hazing ritual involving nudity, the poems of The Indigo Girls and a long-haired Unitarian who tempted him into a mine with raisin creme pies and a fifth of Chivas Regal. Pixlo rose to local fame as host of an obscure talk show filmed in a Cleveland bar which he hosted under the pseudonym of Richard Trainer, one of the more gregarious hosts of the show and also most questionable possesors of questionable talent of the time.

edit Mineshaft And The Northeast Ohio Corridor

During a hiatus of the New Literary Cafe Talk Show, Pixlo engineered a mine-shaft of such miniscule proportion that he himself could not traverse it, measuring one millionth of a micron deep into a flake of his own dandruff that sat on his pillow in the gastronomic haven of Tremont in the city of Cleveland, Ohio. This feat of sheer non-territorial mining genius prompted Pixlo to become a rapidly developing historian of the mythological realities surrounding the Northeastern Ohio corridor.

edit SCROTUM and His Calling

Graduating from Kent State University in 1996, Pixlo joined the Secret Court of Regional Ombudsmen Tempered Underneath Mothers (SCROTUM), an historical society of re-enactors of mid to late 19th century American fictional events. There he met his nemesis and began to concoct horrible, terrible stories of Northeastern Ohio.

edit Achievements

In 2004 Pixlo won the coveted Non-Territorial Mining Gnome Prize for digging a ditch in which to piss that was "smaller and also most unclaimable a ditch in which any gnome could piss" near modern day Minerva, Ohio and has resided in Cleveland, nearly 100 miles North of that location ever since.

edit Today

Pixlo has committed to recording his somewhat historical findings on Uncyclopedia ever since.

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