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So, first things first, you cannot actually avoid a Ninja strike and if you are a Pirate it is inevitable that one will occur and so you might as well stop reading. For us regular folks however, please read on. In order to first avoid the Ninja Strike, first you must understand the Ninja. The following section will give a brief introduction into the mindset of a Ninja.

edit The Ninja Mind

To the average person the ninja is just some crazy Japanese dude that neeeds to chop some limbs off, However if you have the rare oportunity to have lived among them and not get the crap kicked out of you, you realise they have only six main focuses on life.

  • Ninja's spend 21.885% of their time rubbing the belly of small kittens, It is unknown why they do this some scholors belive the ar preparing the kittens to be huffer later in life.
  • FACT Ninja's hate Pirates and anyone or anything that is Pirate shaped. They spend alot of time slaying Pirates and pillaging their women.
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